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image From Street Mobilization to Political Mobilization

From Street Mobilization to Political Mobilization


Henry LAURENS (Collège de France);

Olivier ROY (European University Institute);

Sean YOM (Temple University);

Richard FALK (Santa Barbara University);


Jillian SCHWEDLER (University of Massachusetts);


Mohammed HACHEMAOUI (Université d’Alger);

Stéphane LACROIX (IEP – Paris);

Wendy PEARLMAN (Northwestern University);

Thomas PIERRET (University of Edinburgh);

Bernard HAYKEL (Princeton University);

Michael HERB (Georgia State University);

Marwan KARDOOSH (Editor in Chief, Jordan Business Magazine)


– Henry Laurens: ‘The Arab revolutions and their mobilization in the light of the region history

– Jillian Schwedler: ‘The Spatial Dynamics of the Arab Uprisings

– Laurent Bonnefoy: ‘The Yemeni revolutionnary process: Have the ‘shabab al-thawra’ lost in the face of institutionalized politics?

-Stéphane Lacroix: ‘Can Salafis be political actors like all others? The transformations of the Salafi movement in Egypt

-Mert Arslanalp and Wendy Pearlman: ‘Popular mobilization and military-controlled transitions to democracy. Insight from Brazil and Turkey, lessons for Egypt

-Michael Herb: ‘Monarchs, parliaments, and protesters in the Arab Spring